Patio Planters of the Vieux Carré (Patio Planters of the French Quarter) is a volunteer organization based in New Orleans. We are dedicated to the preservation and beautification of New Orleans’ historic French Quarter.

Since 1946, Patio Planters of the Vieux Carré has sponsored Caroling in Jackson Square, a truly moving holiday tradition. This event, held every year by candlelight on the Sunday before Christmas, is always free and open to the public.

Patio Planters also makes annual contributions to various courtyards and gardens to support the preservation and beautification of the French Quarter.  Donations and free events are made possible thanks to public support of Patio Planters’ annual fund-raising events such as Secret Gardens of the Vieux Carré (October), White Elephant Sale & Auction (November), and the Holiday Home Tour (December).

Officers & Board

Stephen SwainPresidentsteveswain@cox.net
Barbara RichmondVice-President1016hillary@gmail.com
Leslie PerrinSecretarynolaperrin@gmail.com
Alan HorwitzTreasurerhorwitz8887@gmail.com
Doug BardenBoard Member
Joey DiFattaBoard Memberjkingofdiamonds@yahoo.com
Ott HowellBoard Memberohowell49@aol.com
Tracy TreadawayBoard Membertracy.treadaway@hotmail.com

Committee Chairs

MembershipTracy Treadaway
ProgramLeslie Perrin & Stephen Swain
Internet TechnologyQuitman Gahagan
Cheer & HospitalityDouglas Barden & Barbara Richmond
PublicityMary Finney, Ruby Tremont & Doug Barden
BirthdayDouglas Barden
Fall FiestaDouglas Barden, Ott Howell & Barbara Richmond
Secret Garden ToursJoey DiFatta, Stephen Swain, James Kitto, Leslie Perrin, & Tracy Treadaway
Halloween Decoration JudgingThomas McGinn, Stephen Swain
White Elephant SaleSam Poché, Tracy Treadaway, & Quitman Gahagan
Christmas BrunchDouglas Barden, Celia Collins, Al & Susan Guillot, Barbara Richmond
Christmas Decoration JudgingThomas McGinn, Stephen Swain
Holiday Home TourJoey DiFatta, Stephen Swain, & James Kitto
Caroling in Jackson SquareJanice Foulks, John Hartsock, Robert Phelps, Stephen Swain, & Sandra Dartus
HistorianSam Poché
The PunchB.B. St. Roman & Stephen Swain

Constitution & Bylaws

Past Presidents

2016: Stephen Swain
2015: Stephen Swain
2014: Stephen Swain
2013: Thomas McGinn
2012: Thomas McGinn
2011: Thomas McGinn
2010: Adrienne Hartsock
2009: Stephen Swain
2008: Stephen Swain
2007: Stephen Swain
2006: Sam Poche
2005: Sam Poche
2004: Jeff Collins
2003: Marie Dennis
2002: Adrienne Hartsock
2001: Betty Kern
2000: Faye Lasseigne
1999: Linda Maher
1998: Janice Foulks
1997: Janice Foulks
1996: Lea Siegel
1995: Lea Siegel
1994: Bill Garrett
1993: Cliff Collins
1992: Tom Maher
1991: Betty Ellis
1990: Betty Ellis
1989: Alice Minton
1988: Alice Minton
1987: Gordon Mcginnis
1986: Barbara Richmond
1985: Barbara Richmond
1984: Stuart Gahn
1983: Connie Clark
1982: Skip Clark
1981: Skip Clark
1980: Shirl Cieutat
1979: John Bogie: Joe Lala
1978: John Bogie: Co-Organizers
1977: Gary Jackson
1976: David Bowen
1975: Ruth Freed
1975: Bob Abramson:
1974: C.J. Blanda
1973: Jessica Hotchkiss
1972: Melvin E. Crist
1971: Melvin E. Crist
1970: Melvin E. Crist
1969: Irma Grafin von Einsiedel
1968: Daisy Todd
1967: Alma Loubre
1966: Alma Loubre
1965: Charles Macaulay
1964: George Anding
1963: Capt. William LaMothe
1962: Lawrence J. Dumestre
1961: Mary Morrison
1960: Gwendolyn Kroll
1959: Harold Leisure
1958: William J. Long
1957: William J. Long
1956: ?
1955: Harold Leisure
1954: Wallo Bednarz
1953: Wallo Bednarz
1952: Erich Knoblock
1951: Ruth Harris
1946-1950: Ann Lacoste